Scimitar is a Metal band hailing from the island capital of Victoria BC, Canada.  Their sound can be described as a mosaic of Melodic Death, Thrash, Folk and Black Metal, with an uncompromising heaviness in the drums and harsh vocals, a constant high-rollicking finger style bass as well as twin guitar riff-based adherence to the roots of extreme music.  Scimitar’s lyrics are largely based in historical narrative, with rare digressions into philosophy and the supernatural.  This musical approach is made manifest live in blistering energy and instrumental prowess. Scimitar has shared the stage with Metal notables such as InquisitionArchspire, Arkona, Into EternityUnleash the Archers, Woods of Ypres, Nylithia.

Scimitar was formed in 2008 by Angus Lennox, Clayton Basi and the Anstey brothers (Noel and George), all of whom attended Mount Douglas high school together.  This lineup remains unchanged today, other than a brief membership of keyboardist David Douglas from late 2010 to 2012.  The band’s debut album Black Waters was released in 2010 at a release show that, like many of Scimitar’s early Victoria performances, was hosted and promoted by the band members themselves.  The most recent production of new Scimitar material emerged in spring 2013 during the South of Heaven Symposium: Heavy Metal & Religion at the University of Victoria.  Following Black Waters, members of the band amassed the knowledge and equipment required to self-record thus the single To Cultivate with Spears was released free of charge in conjunction with a studio video.  In July 2013 Scimitar played their first festival slot, at the fifth installment of Armstrong Metalfest (featuring Suffocation, Holy Grail and Bison BC) in their home province of British Columbia. 

Currently the band is hard at work on the recording and production of their sophomore album Shadows of Man.


Angus Lennox Bass / Lead Vocals (2008 – present)
George Anstey Guitar / Backing Vocals (2008 – present)
Noel Anstey Guitar / Backing Vocals (2008 – present)
Clayton Basi Drums / Backing Vocals (2008 – present)
David Douglas Synth & Keyboard (2010 – 2012)