Ambrosia, Armstrong, and Religion

First off, big shout outs to Ball Gag 'n' Chain Gang, The Poor Choices, and Pledge of Arrogance who all killed it last night at Ambrosia Event Centre! We had a great turnout, and an awesome time was had by all.

Also present at the show was DJ Zang of Broken Neck Radio, who interviewed us alongside Brent of Atrous Leviathan. We discussed the possibility of playing at Armstrong Metalfest 2013, and the friendly (but serious) online voting competition between ourselves and Atrous which will ultimately decide the victor. Here we are chilling outside the venue with Brent.

Voting for Armstrong Metalfest 2013

Right now we are in the running to win Armstrong Metalfest's Peoples Choice, which would give us a slot at BC's biggest metal festival this summer! The contest is via an online voting poll. You can vote from each IP address once every 24 hours. This means that if you own multiple computers or devices, you can vote multiple times!

Here is the link for the voting page:

There are a lot of other great local bands vying for your support, so here’s a video explaining why Scimitar deserves your votes!

May 17th at Ambrosia Event Centre

With our next show only a week only, its probably worth noting that THE VENUE HAS CHANGED!! Due to complications between ourselves, Velox, and the Police we have now booked Ambrosia Event Centre. Unfortunately, the new venue is more expensive than had been budgeted. As a result, we will need to charge $15 at the door. However, we will continue honor the advertised ticket price of $7. Also, the music will now begin shortly after 8:00pm. Make sure you let your friends know – We don't want anyone going to the wrong place!!