Recording Update: Guitars

First off, we'd like to thank everyone who rocked out with us on Saturday night. We had a blast and were totally impressed by the high caliber of music. Big shout outs to The Body Politic, Villains, and Icosian.

So now that we have a few weeks off until the next show, were getting back to recording our newest single To Cultivate with Spears. Drums are done; Vocals are done; Bass is done… Now its time for guitars! George and Noel spent all of Sunday setting up a new recording space, and we're pretty happy with the result.

Monday Magzine M Awards

We recently had the pleasure of of attending this year's Monday Magazine M Awards, which showcases the cities best in busines, arts, and entertainment. Scimitar was voted the runner's up for the "Favourite Hardcore/Metal/Punk Artist or Group". Here you can see us eating free food and getting drunk!

Drum Sponsors

We are starting to rack up the sponsorships! Well, actually just Clayton… This month he received his first Imperial product; A beautiful Ride Cymbal measuring in at a whopping 24 inches! It perfectly compliments his 100% custom RAYA kit. Here’s what Clayton had to say:

I am very proud to announce that alongside RAYA Drums, I am now also sponsored by Imperial Cymbals!! Hand crafted, Turkish cymbals to give me a strong Scimitarian sound. Big thanks to Ray Ayotte and Imperial for help making my dream kit come true.