Scimitar - Shadows of Man

Shadows of Man Available Soon!

The long awaited sophomore album is now available for pre-order! The album will be released August 23rd at 00:01 EDT

First Single released

Stream and download on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Google Play, and Soundcloud

CD Release Show

Scimitar will perform the album in its entirety on the first day of the Vancouver Island Metal Festival. Physical CD's and other merch will be available for purchase.

“What I would consider the top metal prospect of Canada, Scimitar, keep doing what you’re doing because greatness is on its way.”
Metal Master Kingdom
“Deliciously captivating as it is heavy, Scimitar throw their hats into the battle for the best Viking/Pagan Metal act – and they are on their way to winning it all in a bloody conflict that will kill most of the false metal that tries and horribly fails to deliver.” ​
Scimitar - Shadows of Man

Pre-order on Bandcamp

Shadows of Man is now available for digital and physical pre-order! Every pre-order comes with an instant download of Knights Collapse, as well as a collection of digital extras!